Crude Oil Price

Bi-Petro, Inc. Crude Oil Posting Price

Effective 12.21.14
$49.50 per Barrel
Today 12.22.14
$48.25 per Barrel

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Welcome to Bi-Petro, Inc.
We recognize that our future depends upon the success of the independent oil producer and because of this Bi-Petro is committed to providing unequaled service in our industry.
What's New
12.01.14 Advalorems

 Advalorems will be mailed out to the operators with 2014 production by January 30, 2015.

12.01.14 1099-Misc Forms

 2014 1099-Misc Forms will be mailed out on January 22, 2015.


12.01.14 Average Monthly Posting Price

 The Bi-Petro Average Monthly Posting Price for November, 2014 is $68.6167.

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