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The Bi-Petro transportation fleet consists of approximately 20 crude oil transport trucks and 3 bobtail trucks which deliver oil to multiple unloading facilities throughout the Illinois Basin. Our Transportation Division employs approximately 35 trained and dedicated employees including drivers, gaugers and supervisory personnel to assist you with your transportation needs. All vehicles are radio and cell phone equipped, allowing for timely, reliable dispatching of gaugers and movement of your oil. Bi-Petro, Inc. has implemented an extensive safety program. Our transportation personnel have been through rigorous safety training programs, including Department of Transportation and Hazardous Materials programs. Drug and alcohol screening programs are enforced and personnel are required to attend regular safety training meetings and seminars.


Our Vernon, Illinois and Martinsville Illinois facilities are designed to accommodate Bi-Petro's increased volume of crude oil purchases. In addition Bi-Petro has access to numerous other crude oil unloading facilities located throughout the Illinois Basin.

Service Areas

Bi-Petro, Inc. services crude oil producers in the Illinois Basin, including Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri.

Bi-Petro, Inc. Purchasing Requirements

Whether you have just obtained production from a new well, have a well that you have been producing or have purchased a well and need a buyer for your oil, we will strive to meet your needs.

Our requirements to establish payments are as follows:

Please check out our other pages on this website for more information regarding our company and API regulations, Service Areas, Pricing, and various programs available. Contact Karen Suey at 217/535-0181 Ext. 8019 to make arrangements for our unique, personal service!

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