Y.E.S. Program

Your Expense Simplification


The collection of operating expenses is vital to the successful operation of a well or lease. This often involves excessive time spent on costly paperwork, leaving less time for profitable production. Instituted in 1989, our Y.E.S. program has been well received by producers and owners alike, and continues to benefit producers every month by reducing their workload and improving their cash flow.

Through Bi-Petro's Y.E.S. program, expenses can be collected from the working interest owners and submitted directly to the producer. Net checks are then remitted to the working interest owners, alleviating their need to mail payments.

This is a voluntary program and in the event a working interest owner declines to participate in the program, expenses will not be deducted from the declining owner's revenue. However, in the event the owner is subject to an operating agreement that allows the producer to collect revenues directly from the crude oil purchaser for payment of operating expenses, then we will be happy to deduct expenses pursuant to the Y.E.S Program.

Contact Karen Suey at 217/535-0181 Ext. 8019 for additional information, including fees for the service or to sign up for the Y.E.S. Program.

DOWNLOAD Y.E.S. Program Agreement Form HERE
DOWNLOAD Y.E.S. Program Expense Sheet HERE

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