Even before John Homeier graduated from the University of Illinois in 1960, he set his sights on becoming an independent oil producer in the Illinois Basin. Despite the fact that domestic exploration and production waned as major oil companies began searching globally for oil, John's determination and the work ethic instilled in him by his parents helped him persevere.

John combined his background in engineering and geology with his enthusiasm and long workdays to provide the foundation for his career. His vision was to create a business designed to fulfill the needs of the independent oil producer in the Illinois Basin.

With the acute insight that has characterized his career, John realized that it would be essential to assemble a qualified team of employees. In 1973, he founded Bi-Petro, Inc. with the anticipation of expanding into a diversified independent oil purchasing and production company.

Today, over 30 years later, we are proud to state that Bi-Petro's philosophy remains the same. Our employees are committed to our pledge of providing unequaled, prompt, professional service. Through dedication and commitment, we strive to honor our unique relationship with producers and to maintain our challenging standard of service excellence.

You can depend on any individual in any department to personally assist you in dealing with the unique circumstances in a complex oil industry.

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