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Purchasing Info

Purchasing Crude Oil

Whether you have just obtained production from a new well, have a well that you have been producing, or have purchased a well and need a buyer for your oil, we will strive to meet your needs. Here you'll find information regarding our company, service areas, and various programs available. Contact us when you are ready to make arrangements for our unique, personal service!

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Bi-Petro, Inc. purchasing requirements to establish payments are as follows:

New Production

For new production, you will need to provide the following:

  • Completed Crude Oil Sales Contract
  • Copy of Drilling Permit(s)
  • Copy of Oil and Gas Lease(s)
  • Copy of all existing Assignments that affect ownership
  • Copy of the preliminary title work or title opinion
  • A current Abstract of Title or a Division Order Title Opinion will need to be provided within 90 days of the date of our first purchase

Existing Production

For existing production with current division orders established with another purchaser, please provide the following:

  • Current advalorem or division of interest listing from previous purchaser
  • If pay status is not shown on the advalorem or division of interest listing we will need a copy of the latest Statement of Interest from previous purchaser showing payment status of all owners
  • If the legal description is not shown on the advalorem or division of interest report, we need a copy of current Division Order from previous purchaser showing legal description of the drilling unit
  • Copies of Declarations of Pooling or Unit Agreements, if applicable to the lease, should be included if possible
  • Copies of title opinions previously prepared for the lease are very helpful in processing future transfers of interest, enabling transfers to be made quicker and with fewer requirements, and should be provided if available


The Bi-Petro transportation fleet consists of approximately 20 crude oil transport trucks and 3 bobtail trucks which deliver oil to multiple unloading facilities throughout the Illinois Basin. Our Transportation Division employs approximately 35 trained and dedicated employees including drivers, gaugers and supervisory personnel to assist you with your transportation needs. All vehicles are radio and cell phone equipped, allowing for timely, reliable dispatching of gaugers and movement of your oil. Bi-Petro, Inc. has implemented an extensive safety program. Our transportation personnel have been through rigorous safety training programs, including Department of Transportation and Hazardous Materials programs. Drug and alcohol screening programs are enforced and personnel are required to attend regular safety training meetings and seminars.


Our Vernon, Illinois and Martinsville, Illinois facilities are designed to accommodate Bi-Petro's increased volume of crude oil purchases. In addition, Bi-Petro has access to numerous other crude oil unloading facilities located throughout the Illinois Basin.

Service Areas

Bi-Petro, Inc. services crude oil producers in the Illinois Basin, including Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri.