Revenue Check

Lost Revenue Check


Please allow ten business days to receive your check. If your check has been lost or stolen please call 217.535.0181 Ext. 8006 for Tessa Hudson or Ext. 8018 for Linda White. Please be prepared to provide us with your name, owner number and social security number.

If we determine that a check has been issued, we will require that you fill out and sign an Affidavit form. Once we receive the completed Affidavit form, we shall place a stop payment on the check and issue you a replacement check. If your check is stale dated, VOID the check, and send it back to Tessa Hudson with a written request for a new check.

Bi-Petro, Inc.
3150 Executive Park Drive
P. O. Box 19246
Springfield, IL 62794-9246
Attn: Tessa Hudson