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Mailing Address
Bi-Petro, Inc.
3150 Executive Park Dr, P.O. Box 19246
Springfield , IL 62794-9246
(217) 535-2774

Automatic Deposit

Owners interested in having their revenue income automatically deposited into their checking or savings account must provide us with a completed Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits.

Your detail for the ACH deposit will be mailed out along with our 18th check run. Funds are normally deposited into your account 2-3 business days after the 18th of the month. Visit our Calendar page for upcoming deposit dates.

Mail, fax, or email the completed form along with a copy of a voided check to:

Bi-Petro, Inc.
P. O. Box 19246
Springfield, IL 62794-9246
Attention: Tessa Hudson

Fax: (217) 391-8006

If you have any questions, please contact Tessa Hudson.