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Mailing Address
Bi-Petro, Inc.
3150 Executive Park Dr, P.O. Box 19246
Springfield , IL 62794-9246
(217) 535-2774

Account Changes

We will accept your request for change of address or name change only if all of the information outlined below is included. Submit your request containing all required documents by mail, fax, or email to:

Bi-Petro, Inc.
3150 Executive Park Drive
P. O. Box 19246
Springfield, IL 62794-9246

Fax: (217) 391-8022
Email: (must be sent from owner's email account)

Required Information/Documents

If you need to make an address or name change on your account, we will need a written request that includes the information outlined here.

Address Change

• Owner name

• Owner number(s)

• Old address

• New address

• Your signature

• Power-of-Attorney, Letters of Guardianship or other legal document (if signing on behalf of the owner)

Address Change Request form

Name Change

• Owner name

• Owner number(s)

• Previous name

• New name

• Your signature

• Copy of legal document citing reason for name change (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Certificate of Business Name Change or Merger, or other legal document)

Ownership Change

Need to file a change of ownership? Visit our Transfer of Interest page for details and instructions.